Tapestry Repair and Addition of Mounting Sleeve by Nejad

Hand-Woven Tapestry

This illustrious tapestry came to Nejad from a client that was in search
of professional repair services. The tapestry had a hole through the bottom right area of the piece, about 2-3″ inches in size. After careful analysis by the experts at Nejad, the design was re-created and the tapestry’s hole was restored to a very close original.

Tapestry Repair (Detail)

Our client had also asked for Nejad to add a wall hanging rod sleeve to the
piece so she could enjoy the comfort of the newly-repaired, picturesque tapestry in the warmth of her home.

Round Oriental Rugs in Philadelphia Area & Bucks County

Nejad Offers Over 1,200 Round Rugs in Stock in Sizes up to 14’ Round in Traditional & Modern Designs.

Round Rugs in Nejad Rugs Showroom

One reason so many clients travel from Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey to Doylestown, Bucks County is because of Nejad’s extraordinary inventory of magnificent investment quality Oriental Rugs including over 1,200 round rugs.

Adding a beautiful round Oriental Rug to an interior such as a dining room,
living room, foyer, vestibule or any floor space that can accommodate a circular shape will instantly add a wonderful extra dimension to the overall décor. At Nejad we offer stunning handmade round Oriental Rugs in both tradition and contemporary designs in sizes up to 14 feet in diameter.

Nejad Rugs & Home Round Rugs

Take advantage of our enormous inventory of round Oriental Rugs by visiting our showroom in historic Doylestown, PA.  You may also call ahead to make an appointment and based upon your design criteria, our staff will assemble a wide selection of round rugs from our showroom and two large warehouses.
Happy Round Rug Shopping!

Pipersville in Plumstead PA 18947 Client & Nejad Rugs

It is always a great pleasure to see clients from twenty or thirty years ago
come back to our Doylestown Rug Gallery to redecorate or freshen their décor. This weekend a delightful customer from Pipersville, who bought rugs from us in the 80’s and had us hand wash them several times over the years, decided it was time to begin a new chapter in her life and start by replacing her old rugs with new rugs of similar color palette but different sizes and styles.

On a beautiful Sunday morning, our staff took a pre-selected grouping of
fine quality rugs to our client’s lovely home along scenic River Road.
With the sun streaming through the windows we placed the rugs in her
living room and dining room and saw how the gorgeous colors and designs blended with her existing fabrics and wall paint. Everyone agreed how beautifully the new rugs changed the space and our client was delighted.

As with all of our clients, we greatly look forward to seeing her again
and again over the next thirty years.

Happy Rug Shopping!

Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal

Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal

Tufenkian made-in-Nepal rug - Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal by Nejad

This handmade-in-Nepal Tufenkian transitional-modern rug with antique ivory field and black border was brought in to Nejad Rugs in Doylestown PA for Dog Urine Stain and Pet Odor Removal. The rug was hand-washed and all odors removed and all stains cleaned by Nejad expert stain-removal technicians. The rug was restored to its original condition and returned to client residence in Langhorne Bucks County PA 18925.

Lehigh Valley PA Oriental Rugs by Nejad

Custom designing an Oriental rug for a client is always a very special experience. One of my favorite rugs that I designed was for clients in Lehigh Valley, PA called “Morning Spring.” The couple’s magnificent 10,000 sq. ft. house had just been finished and almost all of the rugs had been pre-selected from our enormous inventory of new and antique oriental rugs showcased in our Doylestown showroom and two huge warehouses. The clients’ professional interior design firm, with whom I had previously worked on several projects, carefully coordinated the paint colors, wallpapers, drapery and upholstery fabrics with each rug. Before one piece of furniture was placed, the builder had already expertly finished each room according to the designers’ exact specifications – down to the Brunschwig & Fils ¼ braided silk trim on the Old Weavers silk damask upholstered walls. Even the hardwood floor border designs and impressive double staircases were made to accommodate each rug and runner’s exact size and shape.

However, one area was not as easy. The daughter’s light filled bedroom suite was a master piece of architectural detailing with its foliage inspired moldings, bank of tall mirrored closets and recessed wall niches. It was a gorgeous space and the daughter had a very specific color scheme in mind which we both named “Morning Spring.” She wanted her rooms to feel like a bright airy morning in
April when the daffodils and grape hyacinths are in bloom – two of her favorite colors. Unfortunately these were two colors, sunny yellow and periwinkle blue, that are very rarely if ever found in hand-woven pile rugs. After much discussion with the clients and their daughter’s willingness to live with a temporary Berber rug for over twelve months, I was commissioned to design three rugs to
meet her expectations.
If a rug can inspire the feelings of spring’s freshness, bright sunshine and colorful floral beauty, these rugs came as close as any I have ever seen. I worked with my wool dyers to create as bright of a white ivory as possible
for the background which I kept pretty open. I looked at hundreds of floral sketches before I drew my own delicate multi-toned yellow and periwinkle blue blossoms and dainty buds connected by neutral tertiary colored vines for a
border, spandrel corners and scattered accent motifs in the field.

When the rugs were finally finished overseas by my expert weavers, shipped to the Philadelphia seaport, delivered to the client’s home still wrapped in burlap and then unrolled with much excitement in the daughter’s sunlit room with 13ft high ceilings, three walls with tall windows, gorgeous Austin Horn lace bedding and window treatments with the walls and ceilings classically faux painted …
the effect was nothing when less than stunningly beautiful!

No matter what the season is outside, inside this bedroom it is always “Morning Spring.”

Happy Rug Shopping!

Philadelphia Artist Paints County Theater

Philadelphia Artist David Ohlerking

Artist on location in front of Nejad Rugs - Main and State Streets Doylestown

Philadelphia Artist Paints County Theater in Front of
Nejad Gallery Oriental Rugs

You may have seen David Ohlerking’s signature paint splattered car parked around Doylestown, Bucks County as he creates vibrant works of art featuring historic landmark buildings. Today David was painting the iconic “Art Moderne” County Theater while standing with his isle in front of Nejad Gallery’s display windows on State Street showcasing my own designs of colorful modern rugs … I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

David Ohlerking’s paintings are sold at Chapman Gallery on 46 E. State Street in Doylestown, PA www.davidohlerking.com

Preventing Damage to Rugs from Furniture Indents

Purchasing an oriental rug is an exciting time in life. Whether it’s to decorate your new home, or to rejuvenate a current room in your home, we spend a substantial amount of time and effort into finding the special rug that not only fits the room, but will also remain in the family for years to come. This makes buying an oriental rug an investment for the future that deserves protecting.

There are ways to preserve your oriental rug for the future, for instance, how to protect this magnificent Peshawar rug [Shown above], that was hand woven in Pakistan, from furniture indents. Peshawar rugs are crafted by expert weavers using natural, vegetable dyes that creates the variation in shades of beige, ivory, and brown, called the abrash technique. This Peshawar rug was given an antique treatment that gives it its naturally beautiful antique look. The indent you see in this rug is from placing
furniture on the rug without putting coasters underneath the furniture’s legs. If coasters were used for the furniture legs, this rug would not have experienced these indentations. In addition to providing protection,
furniture coasters also allow for a much easier and safer time when moving a piece of furniture on a rug. Using coasters under furniture is one important way that you can maintain your rug’s value for years to come.

Preventing Sunlight Damage to Your Oriental Area Rug

As an oriental rug owner you need to be aware of the sun’s ultraviolet rays effect on your rug’s dyes. In the above photos (Compare: Sun-Damaged section, Undamaged section) a 12′ x 18′ hand-knotted Heriz rug in Pipersville, PA has been exposed to UV sunlight over an extended period of time. The UV sunlight has washed out the dyes and stripped the rug of its color over time.

Periodically Rotate Your Oriental Rugs
In order to preserve your rug’s character and color, rotate the rug 180 degrees every few months. In the upcoming Summer months it is recommended rotating rugs in sun-exposed areas as often as once per month. As you rotate your rug you are accomplishing two things at once: preventing sunlight damage, and moth damage. A rug that has furniture on top of it in the same spot for a long time is suceptible to moth damage underneath the furniture, in the darker, cooler areas. By rotating the rug, you control for both of these factors.

Methods of filtering harmful UV-Rays to prevent color fading:

Window Films(transparent/semi-transparent):
Modern UV window films can now provide UVA and UVB filtering without “tinting” – or darkening – your windows – thus preserving the transparency of your glass while affording protection from the damaging rays of the sun.
- Carefully compare available products / installation methods etc!

(NOTE: Not only the dyes in handmade rugs, but any 2 or 3-dimensional artworks, as well, are susceptible to fading or color fading when exposed to direct sunlight)

Window Treatments, Blinds, Curtains, Shades:
Blinds and curtains afford very effective protection but also darken the interior environment and block the outside view – especially in more-traditional design homes where rooms are more compartmentalized (less ambient lighting).

Awnings/Retractable Awnings:
Awnings are similar to above – the advantage of retractable awnings is that they can be retracted or opened as desired; but the downside is the possibility for periods of intense sunlight even in overcast weather and/or the need to frequently open and close etc.

How much direct and prolonged sunlight your rug is exposed to and determining the need for any corrective measures are the relevant concerns. Although window film is an efficient – and non-intrusive – method for resolving the threat of harmful UV ray damage, the issue of heat retention associated with this product needs to be considered. Suction Held Solar Screen Panels are a possible alternative and provide the convenience and transparency of window films but without the heat build-up.

Restoring Your Damaged Rug
Nejad can restore the appearance of your rug to like-new condition with the same level of expert service and repair that has made us an industry leader for nearly 30 years. Our expert craftsmen can selectively re-dye any faded areas and return your rug to it’s original color. If you have a color-faded Oriental rug that needs to be restored or if you have any questions please give us a call at 214-348-1255.

Discover Doylestown Main & State

Discover Doylestown Main & State – Doylestown Shopping & Resturants

Doylestown is a place full of history and culture and the passionate people that create it. Nejad Gallery Importer of Fine Oriental Rugs, owned by Ali and Theresa Nejad, located at the corner of Main & State streets, has been one of the most important and established businesses in Doylestown since its inception 30 years ago. Nejad has provided superior quality and service to its customers who travel from all over the country including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, to receive the Nejad experience. After customers visit Nejad for all their Oriental rug needs and canvassing the rest of the Doylestown shopping district, it is no surprise to find Nejad’s customers looking to explore the town’s local eateries.

The restaurant scene in central Doylestown is an important piece in Doylestown’s character. From the
intersection at Main & State streets and expanding West on
State street and North on Main street, Nejad’s customers
cannot find a place that won’t satisfy their hunger needs,
from Italian and seafood, to steak and comfort food, and
various cafés in between, Doylestown has it all.

Today however at the Doylestown Business Alliance
meeting, was a showcase of all the fine cuisine this town has to offer in its downtown area, and I was privileged to be a part of it. The event was promoting the annual restaurant week in Doylestown that is to take place next week. As you can imagine, the tasting and sampling of exclusive menu items was endless with more than 20 local restaurants on the scene. My favorite was from MOM’s,
aka Maxwell’s on Main. The general manager Jason Long was serving a perfectly cooked piece of salmon accompanied by a corn salsa and a creamy sauce that had a kick, to top it all off. A close second, but on the other end of the spectrum, were the spoonfuls of chocolate-covered caramel being handed out by Puck’s own Chef, Michael, who I had the pleasure in meeting. On the other side of the room, through the hall, was the drink sampling contest. The winner here, for me, was the Freight House, which was serving up a deep crimson-colored shot infused with cranberry and orange

All in all, this event was a huge success, firstly, for my taste buds, but, secondly and more importantly, for the local restaurants that work hard day in and day out to provide the people and guests of Doylestown with the utmost quality in their food, drinks, and service. An event like restaurant week brings Doylestown residents, visitors and the entire business community together (not only the restaurants but all businesses) into the downtown area where the people and business owners alike get to know one another through good food, good drinks, and great laughs.

Dog Loves Staircase Rug Runner!

Large dog ready to descend a flight of steps after a staircase rug runner was installed!

After the installation of a hand-knotted rug runner this dog enthusiastically kept on going up and down the same stairs that he had previously only avoided!

Home improvement for humans and pets!

Staircase runners are a great way to increase the level of safety and comfort for you and for your pets! A handmade wool Oriental rug runner provides functional beauty to any type of wood staircase, not only as a cosmetic enhancement – but the added traction and cushioning as well as the increased visual differentiation on each step are factors that can make a stairway runner well worth the cost.

Case Study:

For medium to large size dogs climbing a flight of wood steps can be a bit of a challenge – and one that many dogs prefer to avoid. Even though they could otherwise negociate practically any stairwell, if necessary, the typical varnished wood steps on most flights of stairs offer no traction – so it is simply a case that their footing is just not very secure (you can almost hear those tapping claws!).

In this case, and when the runner installation was completed, both the dog and his owner were pleasantly surprised!